Hello dear readers!

It has been a hot minute since the last time I posted and the reason for that is that I am in a middle of a move. But I cannot let this book stand without a review, because I have now found one book to put up on the top five of the year.

Dragons, they are truly the best.

Author: Rosaria Munda
Genre: YA Fantasy
Year of first publication: 2019
Pages: 448
Form: Paper book (Paperback)
Rating: 5/5 stars

Read about the the book here!



There was so many different characters in this wonderful world. Maybe I am predictable, but even though they were so different from one another, I loved both Lee and Annie. Lee who comes from one of the ruling families of the old era and have a hard time when the survivors come. But even though it is his family, he still have his values and that is a very brave thing.
Annie comes from a lowborn family. One that was murdered by the old era and she sees the world totally different than Lee. But somehow they both are very like able characters. I felt in my heart for both of them.


Everywhere we got to be with the dragons. I loved the scenes in the air and the freedom that gave!


As she turned it was revealed by her tread that she was fireborne


To the ends of the earth, I will protect you.


They watched us kneel and they think that we’ve given up. They don’t realize you can think on your knees as well as from your feet.


My thought about the book

Before I started this, I was in a reading slump and couldn’t find it in me to care for any of the characters in the books I was reading. But one cannot not feel for the humans in this world. For the dragons in this world. The bond that shows between dragon and rider was so fascinating that I just flew through the pages. The plot was really good, the twists and turn even better. The friendships shown and the family built warms my heart.
If anyone ever ask me for a good fantasy with dragons in it, this will be the first book on my tounge. An amazing debut and loved every second of it.

Stay safe and read happily!! // A Home In Pages


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