Hello dear readers!

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and are excited over new year! 2020 is a year full of new and exciting releases and I wanted to share some of them here. So here is a list of the books I am a little extra extra excited about.

Queue the books!

The hand on the wall – Maureen Johnson

Expected release date: January 21

It is not a secret that I love the Truly Devious trilogy and here comes the last part. I remember it feeling like forever ago when I read the first two books in the beginning of 2019 and now it’s almost January. I can’t wait to see how this one ends.

Read about the series HERE!

One of us is next – karen m. mcmanus

Expected release date: January 7

Yet another sequel! Karen M. McManus is one of my favorite authors and she does thrilles and Whodunnit so darn good it’s scary. I loved One Of Us Is Lying and here is it’s sequel. We follow different characters, but one of the MC is one we have heard of before and I really really liked her in the first book, so I hope I will find her just as great in this one!

You can read about the first book in this series HERE!

The shadow between us – tricia Levenseller

Expected release date: February 25

The Daughter Of The Pirate King is such a amazing and funny book. Sometimes you find a book and it’s all you want to read ffrom that author, but this is not the case here. She gives us a tale about a cunning woman trying to kill a shadow king? Yes, I think I want to read that. Very bad indeed.

You can read about the book HERE!

Heart of flames – Nicki Paupreto

Expected release date: February 11

Crown Of Feathers ( The first book in this series ) is one of my favorite reads of 2019, one that I talk about ALOT. So to have the sequel of that so very close is not just exciting, but necessary.

You can read about the book HERE!

Chain of gold – cassandra clare

Expected release date: March 3

It is a Cassandra Clare book after all and I know many are a little tired of her books existing in The Shadowhunter Chronicles, but I love it. Her books have always been a little bit like coming home for me, a comfort in a scary world.

You can read about the book HERE!

the ballard of the songbirds and snakes – Suzanne Collins

Expected release date: May 19

I don’t know how much I need to say about this. Hungergame is the book that got many of us into reading the way we do today, and here is a prequel to that. Yes, I am excited!

Read about the book HERE!

House o dragons – jessica cluess

Expected release date: May 12

I really loved her Kingdom Of Fire series and here she is with a new series, fantasy, with dragons! The writing style of hers is so very homey to me. I can’t wait for this one! It will be amazing!

Read about the book HERE!

My calamity jane – the lady janies

Expected release date: June 2

It feels like forever I read My Plain Jane even thou it was just last year. I have waited, waited and waited for this book and it is finally here! I love the way this series is written, the humor and the fantasy element that are thrown into the frist two books. I really hope they have the same sort of fantasy elements in this one too!

Read about the book HERE!

Thank you for reading! List your most exiting book releases of 2020 in the comments!

Stay safe and read happily!!// A Home In Pages


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