Hello dear readers!

Wow, I actually finished a book. What a day! It is one I was very exited about and here is the review to see if it held up from all my hype.

As always…Spoilers!!

Author: Francesca Zappia
Genre: Fantasy YA
Year of first publication: 2019
Pages: 368
Form: Audio book
Rating: 3/5 stars



It seems I always have a soft spot for the best friend. Artemis was so important in this story. Without her it wouldn’t have been quite the same.


I liked that it was a small town, maybe because I grew up in one. But I would have liked more of the story to be in the woods they talked so much about. It will probably be in the second book, but I would still have liked to get to know that environment a little bit.


This is weird to say as it is a Francesca Zappia book, but it wasn’t one quote that really stod out for me.

My thoughts about the book

It was a fast read, but I am a little disappointed if I’m honest. After Eliza and her monsters I went into this book expecting great things. Don’t get me wrong, some things really where great, like the settings. But over all, this was little bit of a let down for me. But I know it’s not the book, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Stay safe and read happily!! // A Home In Pages


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