Hello dear readers!
I am back with the first review on this blog and I could not be more exited! First of all because I feel so much more creative on here and secondly, because of the book I am about to review.

Also as always, Spoilers!!

Author: Jay Kristoff
Adult Fantasy
First year of publication:
Audio book
5/5 stars



Do I even need to say Mia? I will do it just in case. Mia. Never have I read about such a badass, deep heroine. She is amazing.

Ashlinn. I really didn’t like her at the beginning of this book based in the shit she did in the first book. But all she did to redeem herself in this one made me like her still.


I was really afraid that it was the school setting that made me like Nevernight so much and now that it was gone, I wouldn’t enjoy Godsgrave as much, but I was so very wrong. I loved the gladiator theme and the way they lived made for such a vivid setting.


The choice between looking plain and pretty isn’t really a choice at all. But any fool knows looking dangerous is preferable to both

Jay Kristoff

My thoughts about the book

I loved this book, as is clear from the rest of this review. When I first read Nevernight, I had a tough time getting into it, but with Godsgrave I had no such problem. I adore the way Jay creates this feeling in the books that follows though the first two books (And hopefully the third). I kinda feel safe within the pages of this series – which I guess is a little weird when it consist of gore and such, but I do.

Something else I adore is all the characters. Mia has very quickly become one of my, if not my favorite character of all time. She is witty and smart and strong and emotional. I also really love that she started of badass. It wasn’t something she learn inn the books, just got better at so to speak.

Over all is this series so amazing this far and I am indeed very scared to begin the third one. My heart will break for our little murderous bitch.

Stay safe and read happily // A Home In Pages


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